Happy Hiney- Anal Comfort Cream


Item: VL554

  • Designed to relax the muscles and reduce the sensation of extra friction

  • Safe for oral play

  • Made from natural ingredients 

  • Glycerin and paraben free

  • No oil - - safe to use with latex products and other materials

  • Tea Tree extract is a natural ingredient that kills bacteria and fungus. It also reduces inflammation.

  • This product is NOT designed to mask pain. Pain during anal penetration is the body’s way of saying that it is not ready for penetration yet. It is not healthy for people to over-ride their body’s signal to stop. Anal sex should NEVER hurt.


Keep your hiney happy and comfortable with your more adventurous play.  This cherry-scented cream was designed to be applied prior to anal penetration to help relax the muscles and slightly reduce friction around this sensitive area.  It is safe to use around oral play and with latex.

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